Salon Show

The next ANDERSVIEW Atelier Salon Show in 2018 at a new location is happening in January. Since there is only limited space its by invitation only. Its a time for me to honor supporters and collectors who were with me right from the start and made a lot of things possible. The current newly printed series & a specially edited fiber print selection will be on display in a relaxed environment and its time to celebrate at the new Atelier & Showroom Space :-)

(This is a special private Photoart Print Series Preview Event)

Intended Date: To be announced


Imagine... wouldn't it be nice to celebrate a Vernissage style evening with your friends & family or clients. Why not just inviting them over to an Salon Art Exhibition at your house, home or biz? Sounds good to you... then ANDERSVIEW Salon Shows may be the right thing for you. 

ANDERSVIEW Salon Shows are designed for HOUSE, HOME & BIZ environments with no need for nails to hang the framed artwork, which isn't only good for your walls, but also and strangely enough speeds up the process, so all can be done in one day. It keeps things nice & neat, too :-)

ANDERSVIEW Salon Shows are custom curated for private & biz locations doesn’t matter how unconventional they are! Here 10 years of art exhibition experience come into play.

In 2017 I can create Salons in Belgium, the southern part of the Netherlands, the Rhineland region of Germany, Paris, New Orleans & NYC, free of charge to you, at your HOUSE, HOME or BIZ in these areas. For all other locations outside these areas favorable arrangements can be made as well and the ANDERSVIEW Salon Show itself is even then still for free.

General booking is open now.

Thank you & For more info just get in touch... using contact...here.

GM Anders