update, Spring 2018:

Photo © GM Anders
In a rather surprising and fortunate turn of events, I am having the opportunity to built an atelier for analog photoart. The atelier suits my 4x5 inch Large Format Camera too, as well as a professional studio flash system. Complemented by a BW darkroom, editing station, film archive and a show space this then establishes, technically speaking, a quite unique unit. 

A photographic theme that fits the atelier as well as into the spirit of the real Star, which is Life, did manifest as well. So (soul)searching seems to have its merits :-) and I am looking fwd having the chance to realize that in photographs here even more, from now on.

Nevertheless the outdoors are part of the picture too, so a nice balance between the inside and the outside can be achieved, starting this summer of 2018 :-)

GM Anders