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Thanks to the wonders of a quasi monopoly company in the internet biz and its killer decisions, we had to change the course of action quite a bit and are really happy about the outcome that grants us way more analog independence, now :-) you will c :-)

PAST Exhibits

Jan. 2017
Photo © 2017 GM Anders

"Brooklyn <©> Ehrenfeld"
Passagen 2017 Cologne / Köln, Germany

Listing & Map © voggenreiter

Event Location # 114
"Brooklyn <©> Ehrenfeld"

Two worlds at the same stage... Andersview Exhibit at the Cologne - Ehrenfeld neigborhood as part of the Passagen Program.

Club Nachtigall, Körnerstr. 65, 50823 Köln / Cologne
Jan. 16th to 22nd 2017

Plz see www.voggenreiter.com for the Passagen Catalog, its downloadable as PDF and available for free in print at verious locations in Cologne.

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Photo © 2017 GM Anders
I show two neighborhoods 3750 miles and about a decade apart, but in both places there was and is a common denominator that connects them: TRANSFORMATION.

Today Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a mostly working class neighborhood not long ago, is now one of New York City’s most desirable and expensive areas. How it will play out in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, Germany is still in flux.

The complex processes, interests and decisions show up in a neighborhood within the concrete built environment and its life. All this distills into a kind of “flavor”. How does it taste? To me that is the “Genius Loci” the spirit of a place. What I show is the result of a resonance at these localities.

Your action changes this exhibition! A purchased print will be replaced by a uniquely different  one. So this Exhibit will be different, meaning “Anders” in German, every day.

Thank you for your interest and hope to see you there :-)

GM Anders


Last Andersview Exhibit

Grüsse aus Brooklyn...
Greetings from Brooklyn...
July 30th to Aug. 14th 2016

I am personally attending:
Vernissage starts July  30th, 20.00h
Bergfest, Aug. 6th, 14.00 - 18.00h
Finissage, Aug. 14th 14.00 - 18.00h

Dazwischen Atelier
(Art community "Güterhallen"
in the center of the city)
Alexander-Copper Str. 36
42651 Solingen

The exhibition tells the story
of my approach towards analog
photography, B&W fiber prints
& new photoart formats are
on display too :-).

Past Andersview Exhibit List:
2016  Pop Up Photoart-Station, Maastricht, Netherlands
2016  Greetings from Brooklyn, Güterhallen, Solingen, Germany 
2015  Photoart-Station, Hallmackenreuther, CGN, Germany
2014  Backstage Salon, Photokina Off Site Program, CGN, Germany
2014  Bookmaking Process, Galerie Wertheim, CGN, Germany
2014  IN YA HAIR, Galerie Display, CGN, Germany
2013  Photoart-Station, Schauvitrine, CGN, Germany
2012  Portraits, Club Edelsohle, CGN, Germany
  • 2011 "U-ground Metamorphosis", Mythos Studio, Cologne
  • 2010 "TALLERY Projections" Kunstbar, Cologne
  • 2010 "TALLERY" Highway Europa, PASSAGEN, CGN, Germany
  • 2009 "TALLERY" St. Remigius, Bonn, Germany
  • 2009 "TALLERY" Odonien, Cologne, Germany
  • 2009 "TALLERY" La Pop, Cologne, Germany
  • 2008 "10 Blocks in Brooklyn", Artclub, Cologne, Germany
  • 2007 "NYC Fruits of Passion", Malmede Kunst, CGN, Germany
  • 2007 "Pride Extended" Artclub, Cologne, Germany
  • 2006 "Pride@Work" Manhattan X.E.S. Lounge, NYC, USA

Little Documentation:

2015 Exhibits

Belgisches Viertel
Cologne, Germany

2014 Exhibits:

Great space & vibe @ Wertheim Galerie

I am happy to announce that the next ANDERSVIEW show will take place very soon.

We joined forces with WERTHEIM Galerie for the first time and Galerie Display as well as the Verein Neue Photokunst again to exhibit and produce at Kunstraum WERTHEIMART in the Center of Cologne, Germany.

This will be a Salon for NEUE PHOTOKUNST (New Photoart) that will show works of Adam Kroll, Marcel Terrani & me. This will be less of a gallery vibe and more of a living in and with art space. I am the first artist in residence there who has the privilege to also work on my books and print in the gorgeous space of the former Galerie Zwirner, Cologne and my Muse Daleep will there be too :-).

Location & Hours:
Pop Up
Salon Neue Photokunst
by Galerie Display
Albertusstr. 18
Close to "Neumarkt"

Oct. 21st - Nov. 1st 2014

Book Launching

ANDERSVIEW Photoart Book Roll No. 0001 > Lisl Steiner, NYC
at Photokina 2014, On Site: Europasaal, Sept. 18th 2014

August 2014


Galerie Display
Cologne, Germany

2nd to 20th of August, 2014

Backstage photography of T-Boy & Dace group 
at the Pride NYC 2006
and T-Boy performing at Club Slide

C-Print from Color Neg. Film, 
photographed with Leica M6 

Andersview Photokina
Backstage Salon

September 16th to 21st, 2014 at the " Backstage Salon" Unter Krahnenbaeumen, Cologne as part of the official Photofestival program during the Photokina 2014.

Group Show


2013 Exhibits



Two six image picture series about the Eigelstein neighborhood, Cologne, Germany.

Shown at:

Eigelstein 48
50668 Cologne

Hours: 6 am - 2 am daily


PERSPECTIVE - Schauvitrine 
Weidengasse 2 / Corner Eigelstein
Koeln / Cologne-Center, Germany   
On display 24h / illuminated from 6 PM to 1 AM

NYC - Cologne"

in 2 Prints

ANDERSVIEW PRINT EDITION edited as part of the "By the Way" Series. Photographed on Film in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY in 2006, during the onset of the gentrification. 35mm Black & White Film, Leica M6, 50mm/f 1.4 and Arca Swiss 4x5" large Format Camera. Printed on silver gelatine b&w photo paper, in my analog darkroom.

"Manhattan Magnets" 


June 11th   2013, starts 6 PM / 18.00  
July  30th   2013, ends  6 PM / 18.00


Weidengasse 2 / Corner Eigelstein
Koeln / Cologne-Center, Germany   

On display 24h / illuminated from 6 PM to 1 AM

ANDERSVIEW PRINT EDITION edited as part of the "By the Way" Series. Photographed in Manhattan, NY 2003 & Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY in 2004, during the onset of the gentrification. 35mm Black & White Film, Leica M6, 50mm/f 1.4, printed on silver gelatine b&w photo paper, in my analog darkroom.

D I G N I T Y 

April 15th   2013, starts 6 PM / 18.00 until 
April 29th   2013, ends  6 PM / 18.00   

on display 24h / illuminated from 6 PM to 1 AM

PERSPECTIVE - Schauvitrine 
Weidengasse 2 / Corner Eigelstein
Koeln / Cologne-Center, Germany

Three Portraits from 2005, photographed by G.M. Anders in New York.

Shown at the Eigelstein neighborhood, an inner city urban place in Cologne, Germany where the same condition of life apply as for the portrayed people in New York. Photographed with an original special "Hollywood" Portrait Lens from the 1930' used for famous Movie Star Portraits, when people of African descent were not subject to such kind of elaborate photography in the "official" public entertainment industry realm. 

Portrayed Artists: 
Daleep, wearable art maker, from then Harlem NY now Miami FL, originating from Portland, OR 
Pat, Make up artist, Brooklyn NY, origination from Haiti 
Babatunde, Painter, Harlem NY, originating from Lagos, Nigeria 

The Portraits were made with a large format camera & recorded on 4x5" / 10x 13cm BW Negative Sheet Film, printed on finest Fiber Photo Paper 16x20" / 40x50cm. The printing was done with me being present by renown expert B&W Photo Printer Charles Keogh of Bedford, New York who worked for example for the Martha Graham Foundation NY doing Barbara Morgans' world famous photographs of the modern dancer & choreographer Martha Graham. Unfortunately as many other B&W printers Charles had to close his business since then. So these are some of the last prints out of his expert analog darkroom. 

As it often happens in the arts the shooting was done under difficult conditions, since time & space was very limited and the photography involved hauling loads of heavy camera and lighting equipment around in a busy city that never sleeps. Daleeps & Pat's Portrait were done at Kate Shifman's loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (THX KATE) and Babatunde's Portrait was taken at his welcoming home in Harlem, NY.   

GM Anders