November 14, 2017

ANDERSVIEW Pop Up Photoart Locations

Photo © GM Anders

Some analog Andersview Prints will pop up at different locations at the start of December. The image shown is already in Cologne, Germany and is site specific :-). Location will be listed here, then... :-)

Thank you for staying tuned :-)

November 06, 2017

ANDERSVIEW Photoart-Walk Cologne-Ehrenfeld starts during Passagen Event 2018

IMM / Passagen  ( voggenreiter.com ) are starting again in Cologne, Germany Jan. 15th 2018. The Passagen event set up by Büro Voggenreiter stimulates the whole artsy Cologne-Ehrenfeld neighborhood with creative & international visitor energy. The ANDERSVIEW Photoart-Walk will be set up parallel to the Design Parcours Ehrenfeld within the Design Quartier Ehrenfeld (DQE).  So a Cologne-Ehrenfeld Photoart-Walk that will be there all year as part of the IMAGINARY PHOTOART MUSEUM couldn't ask for a better start :-)

September 27, 2017

ANDERSVIEW IPM well received...

To meet your tribe you must go to far away places... sometimes.
(a bit of CO2 guilt trip, but was offset by other things... :-)
Photo © GM Anders ~ ANDERSVIEW

September 15, 2017

Editing for IPM in the works...

Photo © 2017 GM Anders
... analog photo editing for the ANDERSVIEW Photoart-Walk at the Cologne / Köln - Ehrenfeld neighborhood, Germany.

September 04, 2017

A Museum of a different kind...

Photo © 20006 GM Anders
... kind of a tribal one. About a vibe that took off in & from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Meanwhile this feeling has spread all over the world and manifested itself in very specific people, places & neighborhoods. The Photoart-Work & the Stories are therefore also very site specific as you will see...

ANDERSVIEW  IPM Roll Out starts gradually in Sept. 2017.

August 25, 2017

Story flows...

Picture editing... is a bit like writing a text... with the grammar of the heart.
Photo © 2017 GM Anders - ANDERSVIEW

August 17, 2017

New workflows inspire...

The Andersview Photo Archive is being edited in a new set up... :-)
Photo © 2017 GM Anders

July 07, 2017


New Prints bound to happen :-)
Photo © 2017 GM Anders - Andersview

July 04, 2017

Darkroom works... :-)

Film processing... up & running at Andersview :-)

July 01, 2017

New from the ground up > Analog B&W Photo-Atelier > Progress update :-)

Great to get support from my hardworking intern, Andreas :-)
Photo © 2017 GM Anders ~ Andersview

May 30, 2017

News > Summer 2017 Update :-)

Please find update under "News" or click here...

... from the new ANDERSVIEW- Atelier being built. Had already a pretty perfect summer view today :-)
Photo © 2017 GM Anders ~ Andersview

May 23, 2017

New Prints Series > Urbanblossoms...

Happy today, how the new approach, the images & the first frame ensemble turned out :-).
Photo © 2017 GM Anders - ANDERSVIEW

May 21, 2017

Back to urban life...

Photo © 2017 GM Anders - ANDERSVIEW

> WKND > Garden > Rest... :-)

"be/coming" needs some restful places too :-

Photo © 2017 GM Anders - Andersview 

May 20, 2017

WKND... even at ANDERSVIEW :-)


Photo © 2017 GM Anders - ANDERSVIEW

May 12, 2017

... in progress...

ANDERSVIEW Artstation images in production, getting ready for the wall, soon :-)

May 11, 2017

Even artwork starts with work :-)

First new showroom set up for ANDERSVIEW has started.... will keep you posted :-)

March 25, 2017

It started here > W'burg, BROOKLYN

Morning Quiet
Driggs Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Silver gelatin fiber base print. Captured with 
Arca Swiss 4x5" large format camera & Ilford FP4 BW Film
Photo ©2003 G.M. Anders ~ Andersview

January 22, 2017

Fini: Exhibit Brooklyn <©> Ehrenfeld

Was a great experience to "occupy" the bar (too) with Photoart for a week at Club Nachtigall in Cologne, Germany during the Passagen event 2017. Big THANK YOU to the owner Emre, the manager Sascha & the friendly Staff who made it all possible! AND to the numerous visitors too, who showed so much interest! I hope you all enjoyed the show.

January 18, 2017

EXHIBIT VIEW: Brooklyn<©>Ehrenfeld

... :-) and NO we had NO power outage... :-) just a bit of a different viewing experience.

January 17, 2017

EXHIBIT DAY 2: Brooklyn<©>Ehrenfeld

Open today 6 PM to 1 AM. I will host the show from 6 PM to at least 9 PM... and something new will be up there on the wall today :-) in analog B&W.

GM Anders


January 16, 2017

EXHIBIT DAY 1: Brooklyn<©>Ehrenfeld

Photo © 2017 GM Anders
Day 1:
Its quiet analog up there on the wall, in Black & White :-)

ANDERSVIEW Photoart Exhibition

"Club Nachtigall" Photo © 2016 GM Anders - Andersview

ANDERSVIEW Photoart Exhibition: 

"Brooklyn <©> Ehrenfeld"
Club Nachtigall, Körnerstr. 65, 50823 Köln / Cologne, Germany
Jan. 17th to 22nd 2017

Two worlds at the same stage...
Exhibit at the Cologne - Ehrenfeld neigborhood as part of the Passagen Program. Plz check www.voggenreiter.com for Passagen 2017 Catalog ( downloadable PDF)

Listing & Map © voggenreiter

For more detail click here :-)

Thank you for staying tuned!

GM Anders


January 15, 2017

Brooklyn<©>Ehrenfeld Exhibit WriteUp

Photo © 2017 GM Anders
I show two neighborhoods 3750 miles and about a decade apart, but in both places there was and is a common denominator that connects them: TRANSFORMATION.

Today Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a mostly working class neighborhood not long ago, is now one of New York City’s most desirable and expensive areas. How it will play out in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, Germany is still in flux.

The complex processes, interests and decisions show up in a neighborhood within the concrete built environment and its life. All this distills into a kind of “flavor”. How does it taste? To me that is the “Genius Loci” the spirit of a place. What I show is the result of a resonance at these localities.

Your action changes this exhibition! A purchased print will be replaced by a uniquely different  one. So this Exhibit will be different, meaning “Anders” in German, every day.

Thank you for your interest and hope to see you there :-)

GM Anders


January 14, 2017


Free Photoart Shows in private atmosphere. For info click here

July 30, 2016


"Greetings from Brooklyn"
 / "Grüsse aus Brooklyn"
July 30th to Aug. 14th 2016

©2003 GM Anders
Dazwischen Atelier
Alexander-Copper Str. 36
42651 Solingen

The exhibition tells the story
of my approach towards
photography. B&W fiber prints
& new photoart formats are

July 29, 2016

On my way through concrete jungles,

Jungle Queen

Bedford Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.
Silver gelatin fiber base print. Captured with Leica M6 & Ilford FP4 BW Film
Print & Photo ©2006 G.M. Anders ~ Andersview

July 28, 2016

while Manhattan is dressed to impress!

Giants' fight

Chrysler Building, NYC
Silver gelatin fiber base print. Captured with Leica M6 & Ilford FP4 BW Film
Print & Photo ©2005 G.M. Anders ~ Andersview

July 25, 2016

Miss Williamsburg's...

Missing Miss W

Williamburg, NY, Brooklyn 2003
Silver gelatin fiber base print. Captured with Leica M6 & Ilford FP4 BW Film.
Print & Photo ©2005 Anders ~ Andersview

July 21, 2016

Yes, sometimes 0 is more than a start!


Devon Woodson / Blackbeard at Bowery Poetry Club, NYC 2004
Captured with Leica M6 & Kodak TriX BW Film
Photo © GM Anders ~ Andersview

July 20, 2016

In touch ...


Bedford Ave., Williamburg, Brooklyn NY.
Silver gelatin fiber base print.Captured with Leica M6 & Kodak TriX BW Film
Print & Photo ©2005 M.G. Anders ~ Andersview

July 19, 2016

... Face to Face matters,

The Point

Musician Boston Fielder at the Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY.
Captured with Leica M6 & Kodak TriX BW Film
Photo © 2012 G.M. Anders ~ Andersview

July 12, 2016

once you arrive at ...

Night ride into Manhattan
Video © 2014 G.M Anders ~ Andersview